Frequently Asked Questions

My Pilot is out... How do I Light a Pilot Light?
We have many how-to videos on how to light your pilot light. Please click here to choose from the variety of “how to” videos for pilot lights.
These 2 videos should help:
What if my remote is not working?
If your remote is not working, we suggest you check the batteries in both the remote and the receiver. To watch a short educational video on how to check this, click here.
Check out these  other helpful videos:
How much does a fireplace service cost?

Fireplace service varies in cost depending on the time and complexity of the fireplace unit. Our basic rates are: $210 for the first half hour, $85 every additional half hour.

Are CBennett's technicians licensed?

Yes. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and they are constantly learning new information from training classes. They stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends of the hearth industries.

What does the technician do during a fireplace service?

Our trained technicians conduct an inspection of your fireplace, including the cleaning and freshening up of logs, as well as a thermo-couple inspection for proper operation. Our technicians will also inspect your gas pressure, pilot light, safety switches, air intake and exhaust, test valve assembly for leaks, and bricks for cracks and condensation. If you need your fireplace fixed, they can also come out and figure out the cause of the issue as well as order parts to fix the issue.

Are all fireplaces the same?

No, every fireplace is different. Depending on the make and model number of the fireplace, that determines what parts it needs.

Why is it harder to get a service appointment during the colder months in comparison to the warmer months?

During the Fall and Winter months, there is a much greater demand for fireplace maintenance as more people are using their fireplaces. Due to this demand, fireplace service calls are usually booked out more in advance in comparison to warmer months.

When should I get my fireplace serviced?

We recommend you call for a fireplace service during the summer months. If you have your fireplace serviced in the summer, you are guaranteed to beat the rush of the Fall and Winter months and you will enjoy piece of mind knowing that your fireplace will be working correctly come Fall.

How often should I have my fireplace serviced?

Your fireplace should be serviced on an annual basis.

Can CBennett clean my chimney or do tuckpointing for my chimney?
No. We are not a chimney service, tuck-pointer, or mason. We recommend you use one of the following:
– Mr. T’s Chimney Sweeps- 636-278-6999
– Central Sweep – 314-280-4030
The Early Bird: What's a Preferred Customer?
Becoming a Preferred Customer is free to join and offers 20-25% off of labor and parts. We’ll provide you with annual reminders so you can take advantage of all we have to offer. As a Preferred Customer, if you call and schedule a service call between June 1st and July 1st, you will recieve 25%. If you schedule a service between August 1st and August 31st, you will receive 20% off. Please note: the service must be scheduled during between the times of June 1st – August 31st.
If you are interested in becoming a Preferred Customer, please Contact Us with your name, address, and phone number and we will add you to the list!
Fireplaces we do NOT service.
We do not service the following brands anymore.
– Heat n Glo
– Heatilator
– Monessen/Vermont Castings
For other fireplace service questions...
Please email our service department at Please note that the fall and winter seasons are our busiest time of the year and we will return your email at our earliest convenience.
Is CBennett open to the public?

Yes! CBennett caters to all needs. Whether you are a contractor, home builder, or want to renovate your home, CBennett will happily help you throughout the process. 

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